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    BRING:  induce, persuade, produce, effect,
  to  give a parent's fostering care

  In a society filled with a fatherless generation, it is vital that families are strong.  What is a  family?  Webster's defines a family as one or two parents & their children.  However,
families are a lot more than that.  Families are people who
are committed to each other's success. 

  Many young people today are growing up in single parent homes & face many challenges  because of an absent
parent.  An old Indian phrase rings true in today's world. 
"It takes a  village to raise a child".
  The question is,
"What type of village is that going to be?"  Bringing  up
children with integrity, high character, & teaching them to
be a productive member of  society is the true goal. 
We don't raise children, we train them!

  Marriage is a foundation to building a strong society.  Generation's practical life  teachings set the stage for
people to learn & change, allowing marriages to grow
and  flourish.
  Not only do we concentrate on existing marriages, but also marriages of the future.    Preparing
young adults to be successful in the next
step in their relationships is also a  strong focus.

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