Who We Are

We exist to bring all generations and demographics together in the only way possible, JESUS! A place where people can experience a relevant Jesus that can give them a better life with purpose and excellence.

Our Values


We Value Community. We believe we are at our best together. BETTER TOGETHER! We need each other to succeed as believers.


We Value Worship. We believe we were created to worship. It is a lifestyle for our community and it is expressed in excellence everytime we gather.


We Value the Word of God. We strive to bring a relative teaching that brings the Bible to life visually and can be applied practically. Pastor Scotty's teaching style brings God's word alive!


We Value The Next Generation. The kids and the youth are our future. We are doing everything we can to ensure they are equipped to lead when it's their turn. 

Our STory

Covenant Generations Church is a place for young and old to come together. Our community began as a dream to see all generations and backgrounds united under one common denominator, JESUS! In January of 2003, Scott and Jamie Gurule' launched Covenant Generations Church with a dozen disciples in their living room. The journey started small going from a living room to a patio, to a hotel ball room, to a store front, to a few leased auditoriums... Covenant Generations Church purchased our first facility in 2008—and our brand new facility was purchased debt free January 1, 2019. 

Scott and his wife, Jamie, have been in ministry since 1983 serving as youth pastors at several of the largest churches nationally wide. In January of 2003, Scott and Jamie were launched to birth Covenant Generations Church here in Tucson. The Gurules have seen supernatural growth while overseeing CGC over this time. Along with their children, Rachelle 35, son-in-law, Joe, Branden 33 and daughter-in-law Nelly, they are committed to seeing God move like never before in Tucson.

Scott travels nationally and internationally speaking at Youth Camps, retreats, conferences, winter camps, leadership seminars and churches. His travels have taken him all over America as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Mexico and South America.

Not only does Pastor Scott have a powerful Word for a young generation but has a unique style that is relevant to all ages. Whether it be "Get The Glow Back" or "Powerful Leadership Lifestyles"—Scott covers a gambit of practical life changing messages for any age. His prophetic edge is accurate and life changing.

Scotty and Jamie are avid motorcycle enthusiast and is called "the preacher" to many in the motorcycle community in Tucson.

Jamie co-pastors with Scott and not only leads the Exquisite Women's Ministry but is a worship team member, mentor, author of discipleship materials and periodically travels speaking to women across the country. Jamie's humor and "tell it like it is" teaching style is light hearted and inspirational.

Covenant Generations Church has a vision to see differences unite in the only place possible, THE CHURH. Our church is a true picture of heaven with members of our community being from different backgrounds both political, economical, ethnic, geographical, and generational. Our vision is to reach all and gather all. We want the saved and the unsaved to walk through our doors. We welcome the "sinner" equally to "holy".

We asked several people why they don't go to church and these are the top six answers:

"I've already been."
"It doesn't relate to me."
"I'd feel out of place."
"I wouldn't fit in."
"What's the point?"
"I don't believe it."
"They wouldn't want me there."

We can promise you one thing—At CGC none of those answers will be yours after attending one of our gathers. Welcome Home!