by Scotty Gurule on January 01, 2020

Of course, we ALL have faced Storms in our lives as some time or another. Storms come.

One time I was in Galveston Texas on the island and a huge storm rolled in. I was caught in the midst of it. It was crazy!

It was huge. I mean it was BIG. It was intense. It was loud. It was scary. I didn’t know what to do. The car was quite a way away and I knew I couldn’t get to it before the storm unleashed its fury! So, I just lifted up my hands and started worshipping. (Jamie caught this picture) and I didn’t know it until later after that crazy storm had passed.

Don’t worry about calming the storm.
Calm yourself, the storm will pass!

What do you do in your Storm? How do you react?

Remember the story when the disciples were on the boat and a Storm happened? The Storm was tossing the boat around. The disciples were very afraid and they went over to Jesus and He was SLEEPING?

Get that—Jesus was sleeping!

So, they woke him up and said, “there is a Storm Lord... don’t you care... we are perishing... we are going to die!” (Mark 4:35-41)

Do you know what Jesus does? He gets up and He walks to the edge of the boat, in the Storm that was raging, and He says, “PEACE BE STILL!”

The Storm stops!

Then He turns to his disciples and He says, “why are you afraid?” Basically, He is saying, “Like hey, I am on this boat with YOU!" I would have said something like, “Yeah, but Lord you were asleep!”

Isn’t that the point? JESUS is on your Boat! He is there! He is with you! If Jesus is on the boat with the disciples during that crazy storm, you would think they would be like, “we are okay because Jesus is here with us!” Nope! They were freaked out about the Storm! “We are gonna DIE! Jesus... wake up...do something!”

You see, they forgot that Jesus said to them, “let’s get in the boat and go over to the OTHER SIDE.” If Jesus says, “let’s get in the boat and go to the other side”, it means you are going to get to the OTHER SIDE! (Mark 4:35)

Do you ever feel like Jesus is asleep on your boat? Have you ever been like the disciples and felt afraid during a storm that’s raging in your life? Have you ever forgotten the promises of God because your eyes are focused on the circumstances?

Absolutely! We all have.

The key here is to realize that Jesus deals with Storms different than we do.

Remember the other storm at another time when the disciples were out on their boat? The wind and the waves were incredibly bad and then the disciples saw something on the water. They thought it was a ghost! They were tripped out! Jesus said, “don’t be afraid it’s me.” Peter said, “Lord if it’s you bid me to come out on the water” and Jesus said, “COME!” You know the rest of the story. Peter walks on the water almost all the way to Jesus!!! Then what happens? Peter gets his eyes off of Jesus and starts looking at the Storm, the wind, the waves, and the rain… and he begins to sink! BUT Jesus reaches out and catches him and lifts him up and Peter does something amazing. He walks on water AGAIN back to the boat WITH JESUS! (Matthew 14:22-33)

Don’t worry about calming the storm.
Calm yourself, the storm will pass!

Jesus is in your Storm! Jesus is in your Boat! Jesus is with you! In the midst of your Storms in Life! He is there!

You have a PROMISE just like the disciples did. Jesus said, “Let’s go to the other side” and if He says that, then you are getting to the OTHER SIDE!

One last thing I want to share about the story of the storm where Jesus was asleep. While the disciples were “trippin” they had the evidence of the miracle that has just happened before the storm. They had just witnessed the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 and they had 12 baskets leftover on the boat with them!

They had the EVIDENCE of the Miracle on their boat! However, the evidence wasn’t just the baskets left over. The baskets leftover were on the boat as provisions for their trip—they had JESUS on their boat!


The Bread of Life was on the boat… Sleeping… Not worried... Peaceful...

But boy oh boy—when we are in the midst of our storms do we see Jesus there with us? Do we get our eyes off of Jesus like Peter and start seeing the waves and the wind? Do you want to know what I think about that storm? Do you know what happened when they got to the other side?

You see, this word in the gospels for that storm was the “tempest”— and it was a crazy storm! I believe that the enemy knew that Jesus was coming across the water and the storm was so insane because the enemy knew that something was gonna happen that was big!

What was on the other side was a young man who is living in the tombs Who would cry out and scream all night long in torment because he was filled with demons. All the people were afraid of him BIGTIME! When the disciples and Jesus landed the boat on the beach they got to the other side with the bread of life, “Jesus” and the leftovers of the miracle in their boat from the feeding of the 5000… It says, “the young man ran over to them screaming in torment” but it also says, “he fell down and WORSHIPPED Jesus!” (Mark 5:1-20)

Something outside of that young man knew that he had to get over to Jesus and worship. What little is left of him just knew that Jesus was on the beach? Let me just say it like this, In your darkest hour and your craziest storm even a legion of demons cant stop you like they couldn’t stop the young man from worshiping the King of Kings!

Do you know the end of the story? Jesus cast that legion of demons out of that young man… And his life was changed! He went out and told all the religions about what happened to him and what Jesus did in his life! Everyone knew who that young man was but they saw him clothed and in his right mind!

I am Convinced that the storms we face in our lifetime or for a reason! I am also just as convinced that how we go through those storms matters! We must always remember Jesus is with us in the Storms!

We have to keep our eyes on Jesus—not on the storms!

TRUST JESUS during your STORM/S!

PS. I’m currently going through a storm and  I’m keeping my eyes on Jesus—He is with me!

PSS. God woke me up and told me to find this picture from 2013’ and to write this He said that someone needs this!

Love y’all


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