by Scotty Gurule on November 08, 2019

Yes, it happened. Yes, it hurt you. Yes, what they said brought real pain BUT only you can decide how long it will affect you!

Do not give HURT the power to define your future! You are always just one step away from a new start. Don’t ever let anyone’s negative opinion about you became your reality! Don't ever let what they did or what they said determine how you will LIVE!

Jamie and I have been married 36 years and in Ministry for the same amount of time. I wish I could say that I could “count on one hand” the times we have been hurt but it’s way more hands than we both have. If you live long enough on this earth you will experience HURT and a lot of it! If you live long enough on this earth you will experience PAIN and a lot of it! If you live long enough on this earth you will experience LOSS and a lot of it! Some very hurtful and painful things will happen in Life! People say things, they gossip, they lash out, they stab you in the back. People are like Volcanoes just ready to explode all over everything and everyone!

If you work with people, which we all do, they will hurt you! It's only a matter of time. If you have people in your life, which we all do, they will eventually cause you pain. Pastors get hurt all the time by people. We are not exempt. It’s like we are the little village or town at the bottom of the active Volcano. We get blown up on! We get treated badly. One season people say, “you are the greatest”, and they say, “you helped us so much”, and people say, “Oh’ I love my Pastor and I’ll never leave”… and the next day somehow we are the bad guy!

Jamie & I just keep going! We stick to what God has called us to do 36 years ago! We just keep...

Loving God
Loving People
Loving Life
Living Victoriously

No matter what people say about you, if you choose to Love God, Love People, Love Life, and Live victoriously, you will always overcome the pain of people!

“ALL THINGS work together for good to them that LOVE GOD…” — Romans 8:28

The problem is that people are so easily hurt and offended at LIFE! People  so easily get mad at GOD because someone died or is sick with a disease. People get mad because they have been believing God for their breakthrough and it hasn’t happened so they can’t be happy for someone else who receives their breakthrough! People are mad, jealous, and envious when someone else is blessed. They get so HURT at things that happen to them in life that they even shut down. People come to church so hurt that it doesn’t even matter what the pastor says from The Word of God. Barna Research says that 50% of the people attending church do NOT agree with the entire Word of God. They only believe the parts they want to believe. A lot of pastors have stopped preaching about sin because people just get hurt and offended by the preaching.

People aren’t happy! They are just flat out mad. They aren’t kind and caring anymore. People don’t know how to honor the older, each other, or their husband or wife. Most teens and children don’t honor their parents.

DIVORCE has caused deep hurt...
LOSS has caused real hurt...
AFFAIRS have caused deep hurt...
ABUSE has caused tremendous hurt...
(When I say abuse I mean all of it mental, physical, verbal, emotional & sexual)
DRUGS & ALCOHOL have caused repetitive habitual hurt...
RASICM has caused extreme hurt...
AND... the list goes on and on...

I have had close friends and family devastate Jamie and I. We have had the “best of the best” hurt us, turn their backs on us, and walk away from us. We have had people say “we will never leave you...” but then they do! It’s very painful and it HURTS when these things happen that I listed above... HOWEVER, you can move on!

What can I do to move on? HOW do I overcome my hurt? JUST KEEP GOING! MOVE ON! DON’T QUIT! DON’T CAMP! DON’T DWELL ON IT! DON’T STOP!

Sometimes you have to lay aside what you feel for them and pay attention to what their actions are saying that they feel about you.

I read a statement on Facebook recently... it said, "Don’t worry about the people who left your life, God heard their conversations about you when you weren’t around and decided they didn’t need to be there anymore." Well, it was something like that... and it’s so true!

I have a question for you: What have you allowed to continue to hurt you? And not just hurt you, but you have allowed it to HAUNT you! Days, weeks, months, years, decades... and even some for their whole lifetime!

The best feeling is waking up one day and not feel sad and hurt anymore over something that you never thought that you would ever get over.

Bishop T.D. Jakes says, “Get Over It!” He also says, “if they left you, let ‘Em leave!”

Don’t let the Hurt in one season of your life destroy the happiness and peace in next season! Stop focusing on the “hurt” and the “pain” and start focusing on FORGIVING & HEALING!


Healing from the Hurt doesn’t mean that the hurt never existed, it means that the hurt no longer controls your life!

“The Lord heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds…” — Psalm 147:3

The problem factor of hurt and pain is “PEOPLE” — and I is one and so are you. You know what though, Jesus loves PEOPLE and US loving PEOPLE is the CURE TO HURT & PAIN — Jesus is coming back for a “BRIDE that is without SPOT AND WRINKLE”… how do we get cleaned up like that so that there is NO spot and wrinkle? I don’t know... but it’s going to happen! There will be “no pain” the bible declares. There will be “no sorrow”, and there will be “peace”. Jesus will heal the hurt, not just at the end of time, BUT RIGHT NOW IF YOU LET HIM!

“to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless…” — Ephesians 5:26-27

So, how do you overcome hurt?

1. Love God

Focus on your relationship with God above and before your relationship with others. First thing's first. Where are you at with God?

2. Love People

The bible says in 1 Peter 4:8, “Above all, love each other deeply because love covers over a multitude of sins.” I think that tells us what we need to do right there… Enough said!

3. Love Life

You only get one! Don’t waste your time rehearsing the past while your present slips away and your future is hindered. GET OVER IT and enjoy today while you still can.

4. Live Victoriously

You were born to WIN. You were born to SORE. You were born to OVERCOME. Stop doing anything less with every single breath you have! 1 John 5:4 “for everyone born of God has overcome the world. This is the VICTORY that has overcome the world!”

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