Why is it GOOD to go through DEEP WATERS?

by Scotty Gurule on April 05, 2019

Why is it good to go through deep waters? Why is it good to go through trials and storms? Hard times PRODUCE hardcore faith!


1. HARD TIMES PRODUCE CONVICTIONS in my life. You find out what you are made of and what you really believe in the hard times NOT in the good times. The deep waters, the storms, the trials, and the fires of life will forge and reveal your truest convictions. (Proverbs 24:10)

2. HARD TIMES PRODUCE PRIORITIES. It's in the wildest and deepest of waves that you cling to what is most important. The storms reveal priority. The storm reveals the real importance of things and people around you. (Matthew 6:30-33)

3. HARD TIMES PRODUCE HONESTY. It's in the midst of the storm that you honestly can see what you really believe and you really are. In the middle of the disciples forgot who they were, they forgot who they were with, and they forgot that they were loved. Jesus could sleep through the storm because He knew who he was! (Duet. 6:10-12)

4. HARD TIMES PRODUCE CHANGE. When the storm comes you have no choice but change or die. The hard times can bring to life the you that God sees and dream or it can kill you spiritually. The choice is really in your hands. God does not cause the storms but He can use them for His purpose and glory in your life. The pain, the trial, the circumstance can produce strength if you allow your exposed weakness to transform into a WIN for your life. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

God does not cause the storms but He can use them for His purpose and glory in your life

5. HARD TIMES PRODUCE HOLINESS. Often times it's in the deep waters we become more like Jesus. Peter did not walk on calm waves! When he stepped out on the water and JOINED JESUS, and kept his eyes on Jesus, then Peter became more like Him. We find our true nature and Christ-Likeness in the storms and waves of circumstance and hardship. (Matthew 14:22-33)

6. HARD TIMES PRODUCE A SENSE OF REAL SECURITY. If your focus is on Jesus in the hard times your faith will become stronger and your sense of security will be forged. You can rest in the over 7000 promises God made in His word! Hard times, although they are hard, PROVE His promises true... GET THROUGH IT with God and you will not doubt him in the next storm. (2 Corinthians 1:20)

7. HARD TIMES PRODUCE WORSHIP in our lives. Story after story in God's Word shows us the reflex of worship that produced through the trial. There is a story of 10 men with leprosy who were healed by Jesus, yet only one turns back to thank Him? The one who turned back and gave thanks, despite the trial of his life and circumstance of his disease was made whole and His worship was called faith. Out of every victory comes worship! The outcome of every trial can and will produce a reflex lifestyle of worship if your trust remains true to God's faithfulness. (Luke 17:16)

Out of every victory comes worship!

8. HARD TIMES PRODUCE HUMILITY. Sometimes the storm is necessary. It hits the reset button on our independence and self-trust. It reminds us that only when calling upon the name of Jesus, the prince of peace, can we find peace in the storms of life. It reminds us of our frailty and re-enforces our dependence on the creator. (Mark 4:35-41)

9. HARD TIMES PRODUCE A DESIRE to seek Him. In the hard times, we call upon our savior because we need saving. It's when you fall that you want the Father to help pick you back up. The safety and security of His arms in the darkest of times. Hardships, circumstances, trials, and storms awaken the desire for HIM and HIM ALONE. It's the shadow of His wings that protect us and it's in the valley of death He is with us. The hard times can break you or they can make you! The hard times can provoke you to fail or they will produce in your strength. (Psalm 23:4)

Focus not on what happens to you, focus on how you will respond to the storms! Let them produce convictions, priorities, honesty, change, holiness, security, worship, humility, and desire.

- Pastor Scotty

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