AT GEN-UNITED OUR GOAL is the YOUTH of the next Generation encountering Jesus and reaching their friends. We desire to see them reach their fullest potential and become all that God created them to be! The teens in our world today are bombarded with everything possible to stop them, so we are doing everything in our power to ignite an understand of their true worth and purpose!

    Youth Hangs    (aka: "hotspots")

Our youth hangout nights are events designed and planned with one purpose in mind... COMMUNITY. We believe that a teen will become who they hang around so we take intention on creating spaces for Godly friendships to be birthed and cultivated at our Hotspot Hangouts. Check our calendar for upcoming Hotspots.

    Wednesday Night Gatherings   

We believe in Youth encountering Jesus together regularly is the key to their success. We worship together, we laugh together, we learn the word together... This is where growth happens! Come hang with us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm